Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween and more on Chuckie the Box

Hope everyone is having a good Halloween.  The kiddies nearly wiped us out of candy!  Woo hoo!  There were some cuties, but none were as cute as a little giraffe that visited us.  ;)  I am also sure the neighborhood kiddies are no where as cute as the two itty bitties in Iowa.  ;)

We made some more progress on the Chuck Box.  As you can see, we have started to stain the guts of the box.

The outside is more well defined too...

It definitely is beginning to take shape...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dodged a bullet...again!

Wezul's project in Raleigh comes to an end this week.  He found out today he will be going back to Cary to work.  However, some other people are being displaced at the same time.  To say we are thankful for him having the opportunity to work, is an understatement...Just hoping the upswing begins soon for all those working and not.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Chuck Box! Part Deux (2009)

It has been awhile since the opportunity presented itself for us to work on our box.  We were able to make a good amount of progress.  Saturday began with us attaching everything to the base.

Yes, it is starting to look like a think?!?

I got to use a jigsaw!  Woo hoo!  Power tools rock.  I am going to give Bob the Builder a run for his money.  Heehee!!!  Not!  Wezul had loads of fun using his router.  By fun, I mean swearing and flying wood.  :)  His router was definitely not made for large scale projects.  He was able to make do with what he had.

Our next round of activity will probably occur this weekend; however, only if we get the cleaning done. I am just asking for one room per weekend, to do a top-2-bottom cleaning.  This has been on the schedule for months and I have been very patient as the house has been.  You can hear it wimpering every night from all the neglect.

With that said, we do have a deadline to meet...November 21st!!!  Go Canes!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chuck Box - The Beginnings

We are tailgating nutz!!  Earlier this fall, Wezul got a wacky idea in his head to build our own chuck box.  Some might be familiar with other names such as:  patrol boxes, field kitchens, camp kitchens, etc. Wezul asked me to help...which meant I got to go help pick out wood...which meant we ended up spending twice the amount of money on wood because I opted for the better wood...WHAT?!?

  • I offered to pay for half of the wood
  • This box is going to hold a lot of stuff...needs to be durable
  • We want it to look good
  • You KNOW you would buy the better wood IF someone offered to chip in half the money
  • If you looked at the cheap stuff and saw what we would have wanted the better looking wood too!

We had an ominous start.  We went to the HD to get the wood, and we were thoroughly disgusted with their lack of help.  We needed them to trim down some of the wood, had them page for help, and we were left standing there...luckily for us, we have a wood nut in our circle of friends, and for a case of beer and some male bonding time, Wezul was able to get the wood cut down to the pile you see below...we are back on track!!!

It is taking a bit of time, but as you can see, we started to get the pieces cut out.  Wezul is doing most of the cutting because the plans are in his head.  He has some rough sketches, but I wouldn't be able to follow them since I don't think it will be safe to crawl in his head to see them, and his verbal descriptions leave me scratching my head when he speaks...kinda like the teacher in Charlie Brown...heehee...just kidding...However, I will have you know, I am a MEAN wood gluer, wood holder, and sander...That's right...I have used another power tool.

I hope you like the action shot below...all I can say is...I so want to use the router!!  However, the wood was splitting...and it is a little scary for I think Wezul is afraid I might put his eye out, chop my hand off, or fling a piece of wood into the car's windshield...who knows...or he is just in Manspace, and wants to keep all the joy to himself.

There is part of the base...still not quite sure how it is all going to turn out...what I thought was going to be the final no where close to what Wezul described to me yesterday...we are slowly make might help if we had an experienced carpenter giving us a little guidance...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a month so far!

First, Little Wezul turned 18 this past week.  That is right!!!  Wezul's daughter hit the big 18 year old mark!  He "Officially"  has an adult for a child...and he will be 40 in February.  There is nothing like your wife pointing out the obvious that you will be 40...and that you are getting OLD!  Did I type that?!?

I also celebrated another year...who would have thought!!

Tonight, we are trying to recover from our little football game watching taco night.  The scariest part is that Wezul tried out "NEW" recipes...I would have preferred trying them out ahead of time...but how fun is that?!?  It wasn't too shabby...just a few tweaks needed...and it could be some AWESOME food...but after two defeats yesterday...NCSU and the Carolina Hurricanes...the Carolina Panthers finally won their first game of the season....woo saaaaaa!!!!