Saturday, August 27, 2011


All is good.  We lost power earlier this morning for about an hour.  However, we have not regained internet service, but we still have satellite so we can watch tv...but did you read "no internet service"...OH THE HORROR!!!

All kidding aside, all is well is Wezulwood!!!

UPDATE:  we are back online!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Fest - EPIC FAIL!

The Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Fest  did not live up to the hype.  Where do I begin?!?

  • $25 for a designated driver ticket.  Not allowed to taste anything (including the food).  I still bought me one.  Good way to promote responsible drinking...NOT!
  • $45 for VIP tickets.  If you look on the website now, they reduced them to $35 for advanced tickets that sold out.  Seriously, lower the price and penalize the people who bought tickets early?  
  • They touted a bacon tasting session for VIP members - once we get there - NO ONE knows anything about the bacon tasting.  We were unable to find bacon anywhere.  We look on the website afterwards, and there is no mention of the bacon tasting.  It had been removed since we ordered the tickets.  
  • "Free" BBQ tasting - 1 pig for hundreds of people while we were there.  Wezul only got two slivers of the stuff the pit master wouldn't portion out.  
  • You were able to buy BBQ.  Wezul bought a very TASTY Brisket Sandwich from Big Al's.  However, his sandwich was $10 with a small bag of chips.  
  • Soda and water were $2 a piece.  Yes, I did pay $2 for a 12 oz can of Mt. Dew.
  • Beer vendor selection was nothing more than what you find in the grocery store.
  • Chaos!  No one knew jack about what was going on who were working the event.  
However, there were a few aspects that Wezul and I thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Lusty Monk Mustard - a new favorite of Wezul's
  • After a second attempt of standing in a long line, Wezul got to sample a 24 year old scotch or bourbon.  He has no idea what it was, but he said it tasted pretty good!
  • The bourbon vendor selection was pretty good.  
  • Live bluegrass music.
In a nutshell, we will not pay to do this again unless it changes and becomes better organized.

It was fun; especially if you go with a group of friends.  However, being the Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ aficionado that Wezul is, it is about the sampling that matters.  It truly fell short for him.  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Fest

It has fallen short of expectations.  NO bacon tasting to start with as promised.  More to come tonight.....

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Piggy piggy piggy!!!!!

While we were in Canton, Ohio, we were able to attend the Ballon Classic Invitational and Jackson-Belden Food Festival.  

Very cool!  The piggy balloon is by far my favorite of all the ones we saw launched into the air.  Yes, the piggy did have a curly tail.  ;)

Monday, August 1, 2011

This is Doug

Last night, we all went to the Winking Lizard Tavern.  We got to meet Doug, he lives in Canton, Ohio!  What a blast we had.  We also learned how to save a lizard....

It pays to be prepared.