Saturday, May 31, 2008

The 60s in the Summer of 08

This is a cool feat! Wezul and I have 3...that's right...three close family members who will turn the big 60 this summer. Wezul's mom and aunt will be 60 on June 7th and my dad will turn 60 on July 15th.

One of the three isn't handling it too well (the one with a Y chromosome). Maybe because he has had to endure constant nagging from me. :)

Love ya - mean it

Thursday, May 29, 2008


We took over 1,100 pictures in San Francisco. If some of you checked the web galleries, it ended up taking three online albums to hold them all. Additionally, Mackie (the macbook) was unable to back itself up wireless. That is a lot of space when you are talking about a digital SLR as well as our point n shoot camera.

This afternoon/evening, I quickly sorted through the pics and cut the pics down to 135+. This gallery will remain "open" until Wezul has time to permanently transfer them to Wezul Web.

Enjoy our San Francisco Web Gallery.

There has been a few issues with viewing the pictures in the gallery. You won't need a mac, but we have been told that is states something to the effect of "this isn't the standard browser, do you want to use your current browser"...just click yes.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Addiction

So, it is no surprise that I will not be blogging as much as I have this past week. It makes a lot of sense since we are now home. However, I have this strange attraction to this little site. Seriously, I want to blog as much as I check our bank accounts. This is very, very sad.

We do have another blog on our website Welcome to the Wezul Web, but there are some issues with our current blog:
  1. no direct link to it
  2. it is a pain to update
  3. Wezul hasn't showed me how to do it - nor did I care to learn
This lovely blog is much, much easier to update. You set up an account, tweak the settings, type your random thoughts, click a button, and there it is.

With that said, I will continue to update what is going on with us - including Alexander. I know...I need to get a life, but the geek in me is loving this as Wezul would say - and he loves it to.

Please realize, this will not in no way replace Wezul Web. It will only enhance it and be updated in a more timely fashion simply due to the ease of it.

Over the next week or so, the pictures will be tweaked and might disappear from the web for a brief bit of time.  Wezul hopes to put together a "highlight" reel of our trip that will be available on Wezul Web.

Just remember how long it took him to finalize our wedding video (2007).

We're Home

Wezul and I have finally made it home. We landed around 11:30 pm give or take 15 minutes. We got home shortly after midnight.
To say we had a blast, that is an understatement. The buildings are amazing, the streets are insanely steep, the food is as diverse as the people who live there, and the climate was perfect.

I don't know about Wezul, but this was by far the best vacation we have taken together in my opinion. The only thing we didn't get to do was get the opportunity to go see a Diggnation podcast being done live.

Apple Headquarters

As many of you know, last year, Jason was finally convinced to go to the dark side.  His transformation is now complete.  We drove to 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino.  Hahaha - Windows has lost a crusader.  Unfortunately for us, the Company Store was closed because of the holiday.  That is one more reason for us to return to the area in the future.  However, Mackie the Macbook did make it back to its homeland.  Unfortunately, Mackie was unable to get out of the car and experience the greatness that is the land of Apple...maybe next time.  Laaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Pacific Coast Highway - PCH! On Monday, we rented a car and hit the highway. Literally! Wezul wanted to take a drive along the PCH. We were off! Wezul was wanting to take some cool snapshots. I think we succeeded with that.

not to mention the light house we stopped at that you can see in the "On our way home" blog. Wezul took some time out of his driving to get up close with the opportunity he wasn't going to pass up...
I was hoping to see a few dolphins and whales like Chad did (J's brother who was in CA for business). Well, I saw birds, 1 dolphin, and many sea lions. Not to shabby for a cloudy/foggy day, but no whales. :( Maybe next time.

SFO Airport

Wow! For once, Wezul and I have a flight that is scheduled to leave after the sun has risen. :) We had a nice leisurely breakfast at Lori's Diner (free wi-fi) and good food. We go get our stuff and board the BART for the last time. We arrive at the airport...check in...and our flight is pushed back an hour or so. Wezul later finds out that our plane left Denver late. Bummer! We spent the first hour or so looking through all the pictures...until we got bored...which really didn't take long. Then I broke down and bought a day pass for the internet. This should come in handy while we are waiting in Dulles to catch our commuter plane back to RDU. We are both dreading returning to the real world. Wezul is dreading it more than me...I am off tomorrow.

On our way home

Wezul and I took lots of pictures yesterday. Let's just say it took 2 hours to download our digital SLR. Insane! I will have to wait to put them on the web gallery tomorrow. Wezul and I will arrive late tonight...feel free to come back tomorrow afternoon to find out about our last full day in SFO area.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lombard Street

Wezul, I and AJB made a stop by Lombard Street. This street is famous...or infamous...for being one of the most crooked streets in the US if not the world. It was cool. AJB enjoyed being able to get out in the sun. We had some rain to move in yesterday; therefore, he chose to stay in. Today was bright, sunny, and cool. Typical SFO weather. Another reason Wezul wants to move to SFO.

Clang Clang Clang goes the Trolley

Wezul has a new calling in life. Riding trolleys. I personally think the trolleys are the highlight of the trip for him. He has pure excitement written all over his face. He looks like a kid that has just seen the presents under the Christmas tree - first thing in the morning. His glee - is my panic. First, they cram you in which is not good when you get claustrophobic around people. However, my biggest fear, is seeing Wezul cling from the side of the car. There is very little space between you and oncoming traffic. I mean less than 6 inches. I like to think it would be fine if all the streets were level and not very steep...well...that isn't SFO. SFO has some of the most steep streets I have every seen in my life.
Though pictures do not do the streets justice...Wezul held on...and didn't get squished by an oncoming trolley or car...woo hoo!!! If we every win the lottery...Wezul wants to move to SFO for a year so this could be him....

Our 5th Anniversary

We did it! 5 years and no missing limbs or digits. Heehee! Do I dare say, we still like each other even after walking all over freaking SFO today. We dined at Puccini and Pinetti. I will have to say, it is the best food we have had in SFO. If you peer through all the scaffolding, you can see our hotel right across the street. I know...I is amazing that we could walk that far...I mean really...couldn't Jason have found something closer?!? But, I can't blame him for making me walk that far for dinner...the reservations were made yesterday, and he didn't realize yesterday that we'd walk to Coit Tower today.

Coit Tower

This is Coit Tower at Telegraph Hill. This was one of Wezul's wanna see destinations. To understand the amazing feat this was...a little backstory is necessary. I can't seem to find Mt. Dew (last time I check we were still on the earth - hello - Pepsi anyone?). I've had a nagging headache...and yes...Wezul has been behaving so it isn't him. As the pics in the San Fran gallery shows...Mickey D's is pushing sweet tea in SFO (unfortunately, they are the only ones who understand the concept of sweet tea). We went back to the hotel early today because I had one of my minor headaches...and we decided to find the closest Mc D to the hotel. After walking to Mickey D's, Wezul decided he wanted to walk a little farther among the tall buildings. (Yes, Wezul wanted to do more walking...that isn't a typo). The sweet tea worked on my I was gamed. We found ourselves at the Transamerica Pyramid.After taking some cool pics here, Wezul got even more gumption. Next then I know, we are at Coit Tower. Keep in mind, we have walked there. We get back to the hotel...I googled it and discovered there most direct way was 2.2 miles from our hotel to Telegraph Hill. Today, we walked over 4 miles in and around SFO. We didn't even take the most direct route. The walk did take it's toll on J boy.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pan de Sal

That is right! I found a bag of pan de sal. It is a filipino breakfast bread. I know this will surprise alot of people, but while we were in the Philippines, I was addicted to this bread. We all know I can't stand to eat bread...NOT!!! There was a little stand that we always visited and got fresh piping hot pan de sal. We would take it home hot & put butter on it. If we were really lucky, we could put fresh strawberry jam from Baguio City on them. However, the strawberry jam never seemed to last once it made it through the doors. We found this bag in Walgreens. Just like Starbucks and Ben and Jerry's, there seems to be a Walgreens on every other street. It is really insane. I got a little excited when I saw the bag...yes...we bought one. I warned Wezul not to judge it too harshly. I warned him it is at its best when it is fresh. As I expected, he wasn't too keen on it. He is like "it taste like bread". Maybe we can find a stand that makes it fresh. I am sure he will change his mind...maybe.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Our First Full Day in SFO!

This was our first full day in SFO. It was jammed pack. We got up and had breakfast in the Club Level Lounge. Wezul has made friends with the concierges at our hotel. :) They "assisted" getting us a better view of the bay from the hotel. Plus, he has had them to arrange dinner reservations for us tonight and tomorrow. After breakfast, we headed down to the trolley area and caught a ride to Ghirardelli Square. We did alot of walking. Wezul and I stopped in Boudin's to try out the original sourdough bread. Tasty!! And I tried turtle for the first time. Yummy!!!
We decided to take a boat tour to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. That was a fun boat ride. I really enjoyed not having to captain the boat for a change. With work, going out on
a boat has became very tedious to me, but this was definitely fun!! It helps that Wezul decided not to toss me overboard. :) I guess he wants me around for a little bit longer.

We then decided to walk to Pier 39. We had lunch at North Beach Pizza and saw hordes of sea lions.
We also saw alot of jugglers, street performers, and really cool architecture. We made it back to the hotel. We are resting before we go out for dinner at John's Grill .

What a view!

Of course, we didn't get the biggest nor the best room, but the hotel is sweet. To say it was stress to say the least. Of course, we arrived way before check in. So our room wasn't ready. We finally get a room, but I should have known it was too easy. At 3pm, Wezul goes to check us in. The man behind the counter was like...your room isn't ready, but I'll put you in a different room, and you will still have a view. Sounded good at the time. Wezul and I get to the room. We find out the toilet was broken after "HE" used it. This isn't good. We have to call the front desk. Soon after this mishap, our door opens and this little girl comes be-bopping into our room. Her dad is like "ah" and Jason is like, I think you have the wrong room. Well, the front desk calls up. They have no record of us checking in. As Wezul is on the phone...big strapping suit-clad hotel security comes to our door to jot down our name. OMG! After a couple of phone calls, and security...they get it straighten out. Then maintenance comes...had to replace the tank...I am sure a certain somebody can appreciate the toilet story more than others... They give us complimentary breakfast for two. Everything else has been going well with the room. The next couple of pics are views from our room.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We're Here!!!

We made it to SFO in one piece and with all of our luggage. Right now, we are at Lori's Diner near our hotel. Our room won't be ready for another couple of hours. Yes, we love SFO so far and all the free Wi-Fi. Laaaaa...not to mention how easy Apple makes it to jump on other networks............

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I See Red

I see red...NC STATE red baby!!

Wezul and I survived our first home decorating least we didn't kill each other...just a few bruises. Alas, to his demise, it was "MY" Christmas present from him, and I took all the liberties that came with it...mainly...having the final say!! Hahaha!

He can't complain too much...his beloved Hurricanes have made a nice appearance in our room, and he got the new furniture which I was NOT too keen on buyin
g...I guess...I can go to sleep and say...we helped bolster the economy with our rebate. Wezul finally understands what I mean by sporty elegance...not really...he says a lot of stuff to just shut me up. ;) I ain't stupid!!

The dresser is lucky to be in one piece. Primer on...paint on...second coat of paint on...first coat peels off...I eventually won this battle...but not after a lot of wasted tim

It's Tuesday

As most of you know, Wezul and I are going to be heading to San Francisco for our 5th anniversary. We will be there for 5 nights - one night for each year we have survived this thing called marriage! Woo hoo!!!

I wanted an easy spot that we can send updates from the road. Some cool things about SFO - 1) Apple 2) all other things geek worthy in Wezul's eyes have some sort of base in SFO, ie, long gone but not forgotten "The Screensavers" 3) the food.

To answer the one question on everyone's mind...yes, AJB will be going to SFO. Be on the watch for him. You will never know when or where he may pop up in a picture. Speaking of pictures...we are hoping to take lots and lots of pictures. We will be posting them on the web as we make our way through SFO. We will send out an email with all the necessary information to find the pictures and this lovely blog.

Again, between the laptop and camera we look forward to staying connected on our journey.