Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pepper Fairy...this ONE is for you!!

Ok...Poppa P...I mean "Pepper Fairy"...take a look at the peppers in all their glory. I have been on my best behavior...they are thriving despite the uckiness that is the pepper. The green ones aren't ripe yet...maybe...Wezul and I definitely learning on a curve. I used to have a garden at our G-boro house, but that was well before we headed to the Philippines. It has been awhile since I have grown anything for consumption. We had three tomatoes come off...but they had their own issues. Apparently, we watered and fed them too much. The tomatoes split. However, Wezul was "brave" enough to sample one of them and was in heaven. ;) Everything is growing pretty well...well...the radishes bombed a terrible death. The spinach...we are still waiting to see how that turns out...however, the planter box may not be the best, or like the radishes...they don't have enough room to grow. We do not know for sure the deal. Oh well...that is the fun of this little experiment. As you can see, the green onions, scallions or whatever you call them, are doing extremely well. :)

The OT experiment is going well. I guess. It is interesting not getting home until after 5:30 - 6pm. How many more months of this? Maybe 2 or so...but I will take this over the alternative. Wouldn't you?!?

I am getting well acquainted with Starbucks, Panera Bread, and the like. I am still trying to find my perfect locale. It isn't easy. However, the Starbucks by my office is off to a good start. Some of the "hanger outers" are nice. I don't know if they are regulars. I guess I will find out. Today I jetted to Panera. I was HUNGRY, we have a huge inspection coming up tomorrow to get our lab certified by the State, and everyone needed some sort of help with their data; therefore, I got no lunch. I couldn't wait for Wezul to get off of work. :) Hmmm...maybe I can get a promotion soon. I am starting to feel like the monkey working for bananas. Then again, I have always felt that way. It fits my moto "I am nothing more than a trained monkey."


An amazing thing is about to happen...this little blog entry in number 99. OMG! I should say that #99 is what is showing on my Dashboard. Who would have thunk that a little experiment to post pictures from our Anniversary trip last year to San Franscisco while we were there would still be going strong...sorta strong...haha. We really do this for our little familia. It gives me an outlet to say what I want to say and get a word in edge wise...As all know...Wezul is the center of the universe and he is the all knowing master in that universe and he speaks for us all. Heehee!! Love ya honey..mean it...Just kidding...kinda. ;)

Well, I am going to finally sign off. Who knows how long it will take me to come up with post #100. It should be a grand one...or at least funny...we will will probably be neither of the above...but will be from us...the C-ton peeps.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am now "THAT" person

A picture speaks for itself!

I have joined the club..."I have nothing better to do than to sit in Starbucks". Hahaha! It is not something I relish in. In fact, I am a little embrassed...haha...not really.

I do have a really good excuse. Actually...several really good excuses. Trust me!
  • Neither Wezul nor I can find a good excuse to drive to work separately. We used to work 10-15 minutes apart from each the distance is 5-10 minutes apart.
  • To "save" Wezul's weekends, if he can work two extra hours a night, he won't have to go in on Saturday. I really like that idea!
  • Yes, I could stay at my office and "work", but I already give them enough of my "free" time. In plain speak, I work 40+ hours a week and don't charge them for the extra hours.
  • Plus, at work, I really can't surf the web as I wish...BIG BROTHER is watching me.
  • To go to any place like Panera Bread, Mc Donald's, etc, it will cost me more than the $1.55 I spent on my "Grande" Awake Blackened Tea. I tried Panera Bread last week, and bought $10 in food. Not good...for my wallet...nor my cholesterol.
  • Mostly, I hate coffee, they don't have a huge selection of food, it is really close to my job...and I can get to Wezul's "TDY" location quickly.
Here I am. Sitting in Starbucks, waiting for 4:45 pm to roll around so I can drive to Wezul's Executive Condo in the sky.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Can Do It!

It isn't the best picture...what can I say...Bones was on a commercial you take what you can get. As some people can see...the red pepper is thriving...if you look to the left between the red pepper and the can see the hint of the yellow pepper.

The green peppers are in the back. However, they aren't very bell shaped. However, our tomato plant is busting with tomatoes. One crazy day after work last week, Wezul and I looked and the number of tomatoes went from 4 to over twenty overnight.
We can't see to find the best way to capture all the little tasty treats on the plants...maybe once they start to ripen they will be easier to see.

(By the way, I am not sure what is going on...I have not yet been able to figure out why all the pictures don't resize when you click on them...they should...I am sure it is an ID-10-T error...but I digress)

Wezul and I had a fun weekend. We are getting well acquainted with the free concerts in our area. Have I mentioned that "free" is our favorite word. The last one we went to was on Saturday. We saw Panyelo play. Wezul used to work with the lead singer's wife at that little place he "used" to work at. He is also a member of Dread 34 that we saw earlier in the summer.

Sunday, we helped some of our favorite peeps move into the family house they have been restoring and expanding. All I can say, their house ROCKS.

Enjoying all the little moments....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It can't be true...BUT it is!!!!!

For the next few months, Jason will be converted back to a FULL-TIME employee with the chance for getting OT every week!!!

Thank goodness to the man upstairs for small miracles.

We will be buying diamonds, a boat, a private jet, and taking a trip around the world...JUST KIDDING!

As much as we are enjoying this latest news, the project will only last for 2-3 months and the economy is far from rebounding. So, we will be playing things close to our vest and trying to put as much as we can into savings in case he doesn't get something to follow this project up.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th and more

First and most importantly, we hope GAP had a wonderful birthday party!

We had a rather quiet 4th, the M rental unit came up, we grilled out, and watched the battle of the fireworks in the neighborhood...I think the other cul-de-sac won the battle this year. There was a new contestant, though, they have a long way to go...

Wezul may have work this week, but we won't know for sure until he gets there. It is really back to a day to day type of thing right now. I really hope things start picking up soon.

Other than that things are going well.