Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can It Be?!?

I know, it is an amazing idea to think we will have done some outside work two weekends in a row.  It is almost scary to think this could happen.  But it did. After last weekend's little project, it became evident that there was a little work that needed to be done.  To be fair, we have been in a serious drought situation here for awhile now. So using a power washer or paying for someone to power wash on our house seemed very frivolous.  

But we have had a good season of rain, but even more scary, our August has been pretty mild. After a quick trip to Lake Johnson to stretch our legs, Wezul decided to break out the power washer and give it a whirl.  :)  

We did wait to do this on our non-essential water use day.  As guilty as I felt while we did do this, the house looks great.  :)  

I hope this trend continues for us.  I get so excited seeing the outcome of our hard work.  Yes, Wezul trusted me with a power washer.  



As some of you know, J & P are expecting. Yesterday, they found out they are having a little boy January 13th - ish, Bailey will have a little brother to play with.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Such a Nice Weekend!

We had a rare weekend here in our little hometown. :) It was rather cool for August - below 90 degrees. Against my Wezul's desires, we did a little yard work.

The front bushes got a haircut. We planted new bushes in the new rock area on the side of the house. We have two gardenias on either end with two azalea bushes between them.

However, after all was said and done, he was very happy with the final product.

Up next, we want to fix the front bushes. We are going to replace the mulch with the same river pebbles we used on the side of the house and in our backyard. We also want to brick in and place river pebbles on the other side of the house. Laaaaaa!!!

Hopefully, our new little plants will survive the hideous soil that they used to fill in the yard when the house was built.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Space Cadet Pfeifle Reporting for Duty

Yes, this is my telescope. Though many haven't seen it before, I have had it for MANY MANY years. Short version - it was missing some parts - some parts wouldn't fit - tech support not much help at the time - box containing said telescope was buried. This is actually a gift that Mom and Dad M got me because I was enthralled by three things growing up...sports (mainly ACC at the time), chemistry and astronomy. I had two chemistry sets and I turned NASA into my penpal. While in the Philippines, I routinely wrote NASA, and they would send me all this cool information about the planets, previous missions, the shuttle, a nerd's paradise of information.

Unfortunately, alot of it was destroyed when we moved back stateside during shipping. :(

Over the next few months, there will be alot more blogging on my beloved ACC (with Hurricanes and Panthers, too). But time to return to Geekville.

So, during a secret mission to hang Daddy M's poster, we retrieved said telescope...Wezul helped me tweak it to get it together and useable.

Alas, last night, this was tele's first night out....
It was so cool. We got a good look at the moon. You can see the craters pretty well with it. How exciting!! Now, if I can only figure out how to make myself less appetizing to the mosquitos, then we will be rock solid...ready for many a late night and early morning. Woo Hoo!!!

It may have taken awhile, but I have finally used it.

Time to get the geekfest on!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Everybody, this is Bailey

Hi Everyone! This is Bailey Wise. He is a miniature schnauzer and was born February 2008. As you can see, he is growing very fast. Most importantly, he is very very very cute and adorable. Everything is in his name. He isn't our puppy, though I tend to claim him as mine when his real mommy and daddy aren't around. In their presence, he is simply my nephew.

This picture was taken 7.30.08 the day I puppysat him. ;) I think we had a blast. You will have to ask him if he concurs with me. We played inside...we played outside...and we watched lots of tv together. I think Bailey was impressed there is more on tv than various Xbox games. (Sorry Bailey's Dad)

Yes, I have allergies and a stupid fear of dogs mouths...can you blame me...those doesn't help I was bitten when I was little...some say he is hypo-allergenic dog...regardless, who can resist that little face...I know I can't...and I get over the short bridge...and love the little guy.