Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Times are changing...

Best World Cup ... EVER!

Spain won their first World Cup ever!  

The only thing that could have made this better is if the USA had won...but it proved to not be their year. Yes, I did buy the Spanish home jersey...yes I did wear it...yes I did cheer loudly when they won!  

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our First Day Hike Trip

Wezul and I went for our first hiking trip today around Falls Lake along the Mountains to Sea Trail.  It has two purposes:
  1. It is to help Wezul prepare for his AT hike in October 
  2. An escape for the both of us from the gym
The day started out with Wezul making fun of my wardrobe.  I had my REI booney hat, my hiking socks, and my hiking boots on.  Keep in mind I described some of the trail, crossing creeks by foot or foot bridges, grass, etc.  However, it didn't really sink into Wezul's head that it was not PAVED trails.  When we hit the path for the trail, he decided he should switch into his hiking boots.  I will have to give him some  leeway, the paths along the road we drove were all guess one could make the assumptions and laugh at me that I was "overdressed" for a walk along a paved path...

Everything was going well until my eye caught a glimpse of the all too familiar tongue I have come to known in my line of work....

Yup, in between the two trunks near the slinder tree sprout, there is a black snake.  He was crossing my path.  As I stopped, and let out a small yelp, I froze until I knew where he was going, but then Wezul was like get back I moved towards Wezul.  At that point, Mr. Snake decided to turn around and go the other way until he noticed Wezul wanted a picture.  At that point, he arched up...and was like..."you looking at me?!?"  

Now I understand why Wezul prefers hiking in the winter time; however, I don't get a choice with my job.  :)  I have to say I prefer this snake to the usual copperheads or moccasins we run into at work.  

Monday, July 5, 2010

There is more to Richmond, VA than Famous Dave's

Little did I know Wezul was in the mood for a "mini" walk when we got to Richmond.  We ended up along the Canal Walk.  We forgot the regular camera, (we were just going to Famous Dave's...maybe some I thought).

We were left with using the crackberry to take pictures.

PS...Wezul made it to Famous Dave's twice before we left the area.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We're hungry...looking for some food...

With a long holiday weekend upon us, Wezul and I decided to hit the road to find some grub.  

Well, wouldn't you know we "stumbled" across a Famous Dave's in Virginia.  Hmmm...who would have imagine...poor sandwich is quaking in it's knows it is about to meet it's end........