Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's up and running

Wezul has his blog up and running...ride along on his journey to 40:

Amazing things do happen...

Wezul decided to join the gym completely on his own. Despite the uncertain times, I jumped on it as soon as he said's an investment in our I am definitely willing to make. :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Brownies are done...the brownies are done...

Don't get too excited.  They are not Momma M's brownies, they are prepackaged out of the refrigerator aisle of the grocery store.  

Yes, I have been in a blogging mood.  Hahaha!!!  We had a pretty good weekend.   First, we got free tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes hockey game on Friday verses the Tampa Bay Lightning.  And "FREE" is our favorite word.  We could not pass up the opportunity.  Besides being free, the Canes actually won.  That made the end of our week enjoyable.  
Saturday, NC State won their Men's BB game.  They still are unable to play a solid game and maintain their lead.  Hopefully, they can overcome that before ACC Tournament.  It is our only hope to get into the NCAA Tournament.  

Amazingly enough, the Canes also won their game today.  

Unfortunately, tomorrow is Monday, and back to reality and hopefully a full week of work for us both.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


8:10 My boys started off good...4-0. Right now, they are boys favor.

8:12 UGH!!! Stupid turnovers and fouls are going to be the end of State.

8:14 Thank goodness for TV timeouts...UNC is now up by 2...........UGH!!!!

8:19 "Beaker" collected his first foul...he needs 4 more by half time...

8:21 State fouls again...ugh!

8:27 Disgust...another turnover

8:30 With 7:40 left in the half...we are tied up at 24-24...which is impressive in itself. If State can stop making stupid mistakes and make more shots...we might have a chance.

8:38 It seems so easy...1) take a shot...make it 2) if you miss it...make sure someone can grab the rebound 3) make sure someone is around to grab the defensive rebound...4) don't make stupid passes...seems simple to me.....

8:45 6.1 secs left in the half and we foul have to be kidding me!!

8:46 Halftime has arrived...36-39...not too shabby...but still a long way to go...

9:03 We fouled "Beaker"...when are we going to learn....

9:06 We are down 9 points....there is a small dent forming in the coffee table from my head beating down on it continuously....

9:10 STUPID FREAKING MISTAKES...maybe rule #1 should be TAKE CARE OF THE BALL...don't make stupid turnovers!!!!!

9:13 We are only down by double's starting to look fugly.

9:20 The only way we can win the if we start making baskets...and to that...we need to shoot the just got 2 points...shooting the ball actually does lead to more points.

9:23 Woo hoo...we are only down by 10 points!!!

9:29 So...another turnover..."Beaker" gets another basket and he is's a typical day in the life of a State fan...............

9:32 Time out and we are down by 12.

I do not have any warm fuzzies that we might be able to pull a win out tonight....

9:38 It is becoming more than painful to watch this game.

9:40 Less than 4:30 to play and the score is 66-83...told you it was becoming fugly...

9:44 Maybe next year?!?

9:50 Hopefully State will play then next 1:08 without fouling UNC.

9:52 The games ends...80-89. We lost...Grrrrrrrrrrreat! It's time for bed...


What a number...7 minutes and counting until NCSU vs UNC! They will face off in the Dean Dome. After the few weeks we have had, maybe my boys will pull an upset and win. Hahaha!!!

Oh well!

Wezul and I have buckled in, and are getting ready for the wild ride we are about to partake in...AGAIN. I can't help to think after 5 years of never knowing if I was going to have a job, surviving Wezul being laid off last year, to only face it again this year...7 straight years of uncertainity. This could drive a person loony. Either way, we will survive the uncertainity of year 7. We were both loony before this, we will be loony during and after this...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Which way do I go?!?

Wezul and I had a very nice Valentine's Day. We handmade our gifts with items we already had on hand and had a nice little dinner out last night. It was the best one yet.

Wezul has been "tweaking" Wezul Web. I will not ruin the surprises here. However, we (I) will continue to update this little space with "our" little happenings.

Don't fret, there is plenty of time to visit ALL the Wezul related info that exists on the web.....

GO PACK!! The boys pulled off their second straight ACC win yesterday!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Good news ...

NC State won tonight when they beat #7 WFU. Woo hoo!!!

We are preparing for Wezul's 39th birthday next week and the official countdown to his 40th!!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was hoping we would have enough snow to keep me from having to go on the lake. Lucky me, most of the snow fell to the east of my office and the lake I was sampling. Therefore, I ended up on the lake for three days. Every day, the water would freeze on whatever it fell upon...including me. MISERABLE!!! The bright side to this, we did have another nice dusting of snow at the house.

Right now, I am having heart failure because Duke cannot seem to make a basket against UNC. UGH! Come on Devils...

Other than that, we are still trying to hold on during these trying times. Then again, aren't we all?!?

UPDATE: UGH!!! 2:08 left in the game: UNC 92 DUKE 78 - WHY?!? Sniff's day tomorrow...and hopefully, a better one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steelers...Snow...and More!

As you can see, this year we were pulling for the Pittsburg Steelers for the big game. It was a hard battle to get Wezul to accept the fact that his Panthers collapsed again. :) Don't get me wrong, I do support the home team during the season, but they still haven't gained my complete loyalty...maybe another 5 years...I have an affinity for anything Pittsburg...Penguins...Steelers...and the Chicago Bears (I think that deserves a prize Daddy).

Click below and we you can "SORTA" see some snow falling again........woo hoo!!! Hopefully we will get enough snow that I will not have to go in the field tomorrow. Motoring on a boat on a lake in the winter time is NOT is down right COLD. Who wants my job now?!?

Other than that, Wezul and I are trying to hold on in this nice little free falling economy...we are preparing for the worst (AGAIN) and hoping for the best for us all.