Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a Day!

While we were outside today, Wezul noticed that 5 planes were skywriting above Clayton. In particular, above our neighborhood. They were advertising "Wings over Wayne", the air show that is a routine fixture at Seymour Johnson AFB. Someone made a slight error as can be seen in the video.

The reason we were outside wasn't to enjoy the 92 degree heat. We were making progress on the yard. :) I am a happy camper...after many years of having to deal with free-form bricks in the front of the yard...we finally squared it off....THOUGH...there is still a slight curved due to some pipeage due to the gutters...but it is barely noticeable when looking straight on since it is the last two bricks near the back. I also replaced a dead gardenia bush with a hydrengea.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Tied

The Hurricanes tied the series 2-2 with a last "SECOND" goal...2 tenths to be was amazing...though they shouldn't have lost the lead to begin with....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Test for Mackie the Macbook

I've installed a little widget on Mackie. It allows me to publish posts without visiting the blog. I figured I would give it a whirl.

One downside, I can't upload pictures.

Not much has been going on with Wezul and I since we returned from Canada. Wezul has only worked 8 hours each week for the past two weeks. That is going to hurt!! However, he should go up to twenty hours this week. It isn't ideal; however, we will take it. Wezul is happy at this job, and what is it worth to sacrifice moolah if he is able to keep a job that will eventually pick up and do better?!? A lot in my book. Of course, he loved his other job, but in the end, it was ugly, he was not happy, and he dreaded it. Right now, he likes the people he works with and works isn't much of a sacrifice in my eyes. The big question is, can we hold out long enough for him to go back to full time with them. I hope so...for him.

It's amazing how much free stuff exist out there if you look hard enough. Wezul has definitely been looking around. We are getting free samples in the mail, coupons, and enjoying all that is great about trying to save every penny we have. We used coupons alot before, but now it is even more important for us to do so...and find good deals. We will make it. For those who are wondering...sugar momma's honey did a good job on the bathroom. I still have to do the shower, but Wezul did a great job on everything else.

Hmmm...The widget didn't work as well as I had hoped. It entered a lot of gibberish in the text...oh well...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

To All


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hershey...Washington DC...and more

Wezul and I really enjoyed our trip to Canada. On our way home, we decided to make a couple of pit stops. :) The first stop was to be Niagara Falls via Toronto. However, the weather decided not to cooperate. Therefore, we headed back the way we came. This gave us the opportunity to make a little stop in Hershey, PA. Yes, we did buy chocolate. Like you even had to ask?!?
We got back on the road. We decided to stay in Washington, DC. (Free night in the hotel - a little perk of all the traveling Jason and I have done for our jobs.)

This was a return visit for us both; though, we both went to Washington, DC as kids.

It was a good time. Unfortunately, we were limited on time. We walked and walked and walked some more around the city. We didn't have the opportunity to go in and explore any of the cool sites. However, we did get a lot of pictures of our walking tour.

Our final stop was in Richmond, VA.
Yes, for the Iowa folks, we ate at a Famous Dave's in VA. Jason had a very happy tummy for the last leg of our journey.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


On April 2nd, Wezul and I headed to Canada to visit with friends who moved there last year. We went to Kingston, Ontario. We enjoyed the our time there.

There were three things that really impressed me about Canada:
  • Poutine
  • their commitment to be environmentally friendly
  • my allergies were almost non-existent
Did I mention poutine?!? French fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds...YUMMIE! Need I say more. Wezul and I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful treat.

The weather was cool. We received a little hint of snow on Saturday. On Saturday, I got to experience the Bulk Barn. It was fun. There was also this little quaint shop, The Glass House we visited. Sunday night, Wezul was shocked to find out that he was going to learn how to curl at the Royal Kingston Curling Club. It is a sport he has watched and always wanted to try. After planning the event for a few weeks, we were able to successfully surprise him. I won't go into too much details of his curling experiences. I am sure he is going to blog them on his blog. Earlier in the day, we drove around Kingston and Lake Ontario. We ended up at Fort Henry. We enjoyed roaming around the premises on a self-guided tour. It was a great trip, we were sad to see it end, but we were happy to come home to the familiar.

Our adventure did not end with us crossing the border back into the USA. More to come later...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Come back Wednesday Night

For details of what has been happening!! I'll have pictures and stories...but until then...just is good...