Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome Back Home Parental P Unit

For the past few days, Wezul's rents were our guests. We had alot of fun and good times while they were down. Some of the highlights:
  • BBVD (see previous post)
  • Myrtle Beach trip sans us...they didn't get locked on the balcony this time
  • Came back in time to see the water pump in the Camry take a nose dive
  • Eating at numerous buffets...including Larry's
  • Tailgating at Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals (Canes tanked)
(Tailgating - its hard work to sit around waiting for the food to get ready)
  • Wezul + Environwx 6th Anniversary (Wezul and I went to see Star Trek while the rents got locked out of the house - though they had access to the garage - seeing a recurring theme - do you remember the wrist key chains - future Christmas present?!?)
  • Memorial Day Cookout - friends - Parental M Unit - Cornhole Tourney
Unfortunately, the good times had to end and the Rents had to return to Corn Country.
(I didn't think staying with us was this bad)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

hmmmm...Bone Meat

A very good friend from work took Wezul and I to Larry's Southern Kitchen awhile ago. Jason was amazed to find "bone meat" on the buffet. First thing he had to do - call his rents! It took them awhile to come down.

Really? If you were told there was bone meat on a buffet, you would jump in your car or plane and get there right away...wouldn't ya (I know...I passed on it too). They finally came down and off we went....
This isn't Poppa P closing his eyes out of disgust...somewhere in his mind...he is back on the farm with his family...eating "bone meat". Everybody got their tummy's full...with and without bone meat...This is certainly to become a routine stop when they are here.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I heard a friend (Art By Court)of ours was showing at Artplosure 2009. As we were looking into it, I discovered that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was going to perform a free concert there.

Off we go with the Wezul's parental unit. :)

It was an amazing show. Their live performance was outstanding.

After their encore, they offered their goods up for purchase, and wait for it.. that they will be available to shake hands and sign autographs for anyone who wanted to hang out afterwards. Next to the most amazing show I have seen in awhile...that is what impressed us all the most. Off we go to meet and greet with them. Of course, I did my usual stand there like a bump on a log and not say a word...but if and when Wezul's mom retires, her next calling can be the lead BBVD groupie...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to All!

To our favorite Mommies, we love you both!

Wezul and I have had a busy weekend! Saturday began with us getting up and going to the Farmer's Market in Raleigh. It is alot cheaper for us to get our produce there than the local grocery stores. Wezul and I went around Raleigh taking pictures at various places. Our first stop was the WRAL Gardens.
This is my favorite picture of the bunch (not because I took it - I just really like it). We went to Jordan Lake and Lake Benson. :) Nothing really exciting to see there. Just the usual lake views. Though my lack of wonder might be related to the fact that I sample these lakes on a routine basis. However, Wezul was impressed with Lake Benson's location.

Our plants are doing well. The planter box is working out well for far. I think we built it high enough to keep the voracious bunny rabbits from eating on the newbie plants.

The spinach, white radishes, and onions are quickly growing and will be ready to plant soon along with the flowers we will be planting near our trees.
Let's see, Wezul is working hard on his web design business. As most of you know, his hours at work have been drastically cut back. He has ALOT of free time on his hands. A good friend of his wanted some help with a website and the rebirth of his previous business has began.

As much as I would prefer something that will bring in a steadier paycheck, something we can use NOW, something that wouldn't have to be sunk back into the business side, if we work through this, maybe in a few years, he will have some choices that will be worth while for himself.

In the meantime, we are getting smarter in our purchases and stretching what is coming in and making it last us a lot longer. On the upside, Wezul has been bumped up to 32 hours for the next 2-3 weeks. No matter what happens, we don't have it as bad as most of his old CAT and current co-workers...he still has a job as do are just peachy.

As we vowed almost 6 years ago..."for richer for poorer"...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not much...

Things are going well. The Canes play tonight...Wezul is working the rest of the week...our seeds are germinating...the new gardenia bush is still alive...cannot ask for more.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Ugh! One heavy beast! Now it has dirt...good luck moving it. Right now, we have a tomato plant and 3 bell pepper plants (red, yellow and green). Major yuck on the peppers. Below we have some white radishes, green onions and spinanch seeds germinating.
We are trying to sprout some pretty flowers to place at the bed of our trees in the backyard in our microgreenhouse too.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Project: Planter Box

We have embarked on another DIY mission. Our yard sucks for growing things in it. The contractors decided when they were filling our yard...instead of taking the time to maybe make the ground plant friendly, let's just throw in a bunch of clay that will make the owner cringe for years to come. The contractors were successful.

We lost one hydrangea we used to replace our dead gardenia bush. However, the good news is one of the "terminal" gardenia bushes has rebounded. It is still looks bare, but you can see new leaves beginning to sprout along the branches if you look really really close at it.

A coworker mentioned that his family has a garden in several planter boxes. After a few conversations and catching my hubby on a good day, I was able to convince him it was doable. I sweetened the deal by stating I would purchase the initial wood we will need from my "allowance".

Today was a gorgeous day. We got started early this morning. I wanted to help. It is a sad sickness I have. I want to learn how to be handy around the house...all this has gotten me is the following over the years:
  • dirty
  • sore
  • carrying heavy bricks
  • laying sod
  • and now covered in saw dust
There is a keen sense of satisfaction in learning, doing and helping. Wezul did let me work the drill (only for a handful of screws). At first, I was a little disappointed I didn't ask to use the saw, but it is scary. I probably should work my way up to that....

The bottom...purrty...isn't it? Heehee!!!

After all is said and done, this box isn't going to go anywhere after we get the dirt in it. It is one heavy mutha...And if I ever turn up missing...maybe it should be the first place you should look.......