Monday, June 30, 2008

They've Hatched!

They have decided to make their debut tonight! We had to be quick. Will try and get better pictures tomorrow. How cute are they?!?!?? Their eyes are still closed. Awww...shuckie darn!


I have officially been offered a permanent position at my current job. After June 22, 2009, my probationary period will be up and I will not have to worry about renewing TERMS, contracts or other stuff. As we found out earlier this year, nothing is ever permanent, but in a year, it will be a tougher for them to get rid of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to say this didn't come with it's own hiccup which will be a dock in pay; however, after a call to my local peeps and a call to the regional peeps, it was quickly determined to be a typo...NOTHING LIKE DROPPING 4 STEPS BACKWARDS.

Secondly, the birdies have hatched. We don't know how many are in the nest. We have only been able to see one head with the aid of a mirror. I will get pictures as soon as they are big enough to poke their tiny little heads over the top of the nest....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Wonderful Hubby

Sometimes people do sweet things... was my hubby...he gave me my perfect veg out day!!!

He treated me to a special breakfast (Bo-Berry Biscuit, Seasoned French Fries, and Mc Donald's sweet tea) in bed, we watched the final 3 episodes of Angel and watched National Treasure 2, he bought me a newspaper to clip coupons, he got me some flowers (mini poms), and he remembered I needed wrapping paper for a bridal shower gift I had to attend today and got it for me.......

Nothing New

I am bad...I haven't blogged in awhile. However, nothing interesting has been happening ( new word on my job situation...etc).

Things have been mundane.

Hopefully things will pick up soon. As soon as the hatchlings arrive, I will get pics keep checking sis. Wezul's daughter will be here on Friday for two weeks, and I hope I will hear about my position this week.

Otherwise, Wezul and I are just busy living day to day...thankfully.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Best I Could Get

Typical...but hey...I think the birdies might be trying to keep the eggs warm. Though in this heat, it won't take much. Trying to get this pic for D. was interesting. I had to do the belly crawl...sneak up the side of the door and peer out the window...and shoot really fast. All the skills I learned in GRAW. Who would have thunk I could put them to use is real life?!? Just kidding.

For the out of towners not interested in our feathered friends...we are having an interesting time with a wildfire that was sparked in Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge on June 1st. It is located near the east coast in NC and the prevailing winds have brought the smoke all the way to Raleigh. Very interesting. The smoke is likely to be at its worst tomorrow morning, and if I know my hubby, he will probably try and get a pic or two. He already tried to prod me to take some today...but it is just "hazy" at our house.

All the family in Iowa...try to keep dry!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Amazing...three entire days since my last post. The birds are being a little secretive. I caught the brown one sitting on the nest this morning...first time in three days...the birdies might be hiding in the woods to beat the heat during the day. Hopefully, with the cooler weather...the birdies will be ready for a close up...(sorry D. - hope to get new pics soon)

However, we have some more tenants around that Jason got a picture of recently. Unfortunately for them, the "relocation crew" will be coming over today to give them their "eviction" notice.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Meet the new neighbors

Here they are!! I caught them this morning fluttering around. It will be awhile before we know if they have laid their egss yet. I don't know if it is the same couple from last year,or one of their offspring, or a new family? But the coloration and markings on the brownish bird looks alot like the same type that was here last year.

For those who are close by, be very careful when you come over. They do make a lot of noise and chaos when they sense someone is nearby. You should have seen the commotion I caused by getting these pictures from in the house. :)

As a sidenote for those far away and interested in the human tenants, not much is going on here. I have applied for a permanent position with my job. If I get it, no more year to year contracts and fretting over the prospect of not having a job....if I last the year long probation...heehee!!  Wezul's switch back to electrical engineering has gone well. He enjoys his new company. We are hoping that neither one of us will have to travel for some time. Since January, Wezul has been in either VA or SC and I have been to Asheboro and Denver.

Friday, June 6, 2008

No bird sightings yet

We haven't seen the new tenants yet. They have been leaving their stuff behind.

The picture on the left was taken 6.4.08 and as you can see on 6.6.08 there is more of a foundation to the nest.

Our house wasn't built in a day either.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting Excited

Last year, a bird's nest was formed by our front door. Today, we discovered that it appears that another nest is being formed. We documented last year's batch of birdies in pictures. We will do the same this year if they do lay their eggs in the same place, and I was worried I wouldn't have anything to blog.

It is sad...really sad...I know. I need help!?!?!!

But it is so cool seeing these little creatures grow.

3 OTs

It took three overtimes, but the Pens came out on top. Tonight is Game 6...the final series stands at 3-2 in Detroit's favor. :(

Series like one reason why we watch Hockey....

Though the Pens are not our team...which is the Carolina first memories of hockey are of my mom talking about Mario Lemieux who played for the Penguins. Jason grew up in Iowa and would go to games that sprouted up between the corn stalks...just kidding...but he has attended his fair share of amateur games.

We had one of those lifetime dreams come true back in June of 2006 when we saw the Hurricanes win Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in person. Staying connected.