Sunday, September 27, 2009


What a crazy week!  Last Friday, one of my project chiefs was sitting at my desk when I returned for lunch writing a note for me.  Naturally, I was assuming she wanted some changes made to a report I was customizing for our cooperators...Yes...she was...then she was like..."uh caught me..."  That is NEVER good to hear.  Then she said you can read my note as I finish writing it...and as I began to read her message - she is reciting it aloud..."you HAVE finished writing the abstract for the national conference in April???" guessed it...I started laughing...oh yeah...just finished it...hmmmm...NOOOOOOO!!!  Well, she did want me to submit one...and guess what...that was the 18th...and it was due by the 19th...which was a Saturday...small glitch...anything we submit has to be peer reviewed by two coworkers, approved by my direct supervisor, go through our publications unit, and then reviewed and approved by our head honcho...FUN?!?

I went into denial over the weekend...she emailed to see if we could get an extension, and she, for the next three days...i was in a little space i like to call ABSTRACT $#@@.  We had until Wednesday to submit it...and I was able to get everything rushed through and submitted by 2pm on Wednesday (2.5 hours before our new deadline).  YEAH!!  Now, I have to wait until January to hear if my abstract has been accepted for presentation.  UGH!!!

The best part of the week was this Saturday.  About 2 weeks ago, a little entry appeared in iCal on all the calendars on our macs..."Cass's Pre B-day Dinner at the OG"  Awwwww...yup...Wezul took me to the OG last night...the best part...he took me shoe shopping!!!!  I actually got to buy a new pair of shoes...heehee!!  I used my allowance that I have been saving...but I actually got a new pair of shoes and OG...and then we came home and played Halo until 12:30 am...what a perfect day...Thank you sweetie!!!  Yes, they are Chuck Taylor's Converse feet-ies love new shoes...

Friday, September 18, 2009


Whew!  Wow!  OMG!

I survived the day...and I am finally mellowing out...Thank goodness...maybe Wezul will keep me around.  I don't say this often...but for one day...and one day only...I will say I have job security.  My work place could NOT live without me...though I was about to have a mental breakdown.  Hahaha!!!  Honestly, if I didn't show up Monday, they will throw a party and find another trained monkey to do my job.

Just wasn't that bad...well...then I think out loud ALL that has been put on my plate...who did this to ME???  Oh yeah, it was me and my big mouth and my inability to say no when it ISN'T my idea.  (Which comes as a shock to Wezul...apparently..."NO" is a well used word in my vocabulary)

I have a trip to Texas, two trips to Denver (maybe)...jammed packed field schedule...jammed pack office schedule...that doesn't even count the things I am doing on the side...on my own time for the job.


Some other exciting news, Wezul Web Design is FINALLY out of the red and into the black.  Wezul actually got paid for his first website.  Very proud of him.  It was only enough to cover our initial set up cost...and give him a little extra to get some much needed items for his business. It's a good thing I didn't have any expectations of being able to quit my job and stay at home...because we are so far from it.  However, it is a POSITIVE first step in the right direction...Hopefully, he will get a few more sites under his belt...and start picking up steam.

Things are still a little iffy with his much needed day job towards the end of the year...which reminds me of the very insulting message from our financial software...really...does the software need to point out that our income from last year has declined by XX%.  NO!!  But it does.  Really, we are trying to look at life with rose colored see the blessings that we do have...but the software that we paid for likes to remind me of this loss on a daily basis...UGH!!  That's alright...$$ doesn't define us...we know what matters most...and we haven't lost any of the truly important the software will not crush our spirit!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor-less Day Weekend

Nothing like some time off of work to recharge the batteries. I need to take more time off because I am dreading returning to the day in and day out grind of work tomorrow.

Wezul and I took a unique approach to our little situation. Since he has guaranteed work through the end of the month (maybe he'll hold out until the end of the year), we decided to each take a day and decide what we will together. Wezul's day of choice was Saturday. It pretty much just entailed us going out to eat at Vivace. Wezul had the Veal Saltimbocca (OMG...I need to really pay attention to what he orders the next time...who does he think he is...a Rockefeller?!?), and I had the spaghetti. I know...very original of me. Hahaha!! We came home and watched P.S I Love You...We both enjoyed the movie for our own reasons. All I can prepared to laugh and get a good sniffle or two or ten...

Sunday, we chilled after starting the day out with the breakfast buffet at the Golden Corral. Wezul worked in the garage and cleaned out our planter box. Hopefully, we will have a more successful crop next year...barring any menacing hail storms. We also helped some friends with their garage. However, we decided not to stay for their cookout. Last night we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth...the new one...and the Golden Compass...I enjoyed the first and could careless about the 2nd movie. Wezul got into the Golden Compass, but was completely upset over the ending.

This is a picture of our little stowaway in the garage. The little newbie got a little lost on his flight. He had a time getting out of the garage. Poor birdie. Wezul eventually got the little flapper out of the garage.
Today, was my day. So, we ended walking approximately 3 miles around the eastern half of Lake Johnson. I anticipated doing our usual loop but Wezul was a little "froggy" and we ended up walking around the half the lake or so. Afterwards, we went to the K&W Cafeteria for lunch. is reservations at Michael Dean's....hmmm...dessert...

Hope ya'll had fun.......