Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Grasshopper has lots to learn...

When it comes to a flour fight.....

I guess I have a few years on mini-Wezul of being on the front lines of the flour fight.  However, she did get a good first shot; however, with one fell swoop...this battle was ended....

Fear is a good thing.  However, I think she won't be as gun shy the next time around.......

YEAH! SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it is still falling..........

Winter Wonderland!

Yeah!  We got snow...we really did!!!  I mean the kind of snow that has covered the grass!!!  We will actually have to shovel our driveway!  Yeah...the third time is the charm!!!!!  With our third snow of the year, I'm beginning to think I live in Iowa...oh wait...I don't...they are calling for us to reach 58 degrees by the end of the week.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Mini-Wezul has landed!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to All....

Yeah!  It's that time of year again!  We are so ready to enjoy some time off from work without having to travel.  :)  Yeah us!  We both get tomorrow off, and various days will be taken off together next week.  We are going to not only be visited by the jolly old man himself from the North Pole (yes, Wezul sorta behaved himself this year), but mini-Wezul will be flying in for a brief stay over Christmas to NC.

Boy!  Will her arms be is a long way from Iowa...hahaha!!! It's Christmas, it is mandatory you all laugh at that one!

Depending on how many feet of snow we get over this weekend, the blog may be very active.  Hahaha!!!  There is a shortage of eggs, bread and milk in all the grocery stores.  ;)  The snow should make for a very fun and interesting tailgating experience for all on Sunday.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a little icy!

BRRRRR!!!  It's cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not getting the 3rd site sampled!

Not when it is frozen. Will try and upload video and other pictures later today!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dream Come True...Thanks Poppa P

He did it again!  I have always wanted a secretary desk.  In fact, Wezul and I have scoured the internet and local stores for one.  We could never find what we were looking.  For us, it is always difficult because we have to both love something before we will buy it.

However, we both love this desk.  It is suits both of our taste, plus, it's made by Poppa P...something that can be passed on and on through our family.  However, there became one point of contention regarding the desk.  Where should the handles go on the bottom doors?  I wanted the middle (to remain symmetric with the other handles) and Wezul wanted to place them near the top corners (to make it easier to open and much to my dismay).  Haha!!  After much discussion in Iowa, we decided to live with the piece and wait to decide later.  

I had one card up my sleeve.  My dear hubby was mistaken when he thought the knobs on our other cabinets were near the top.  However, I knew otherwise.  I knew I would NEVER buy a hutch like that.  However, I also know Wezul well enough to know he wouldn't believe me until he saw it for himself.  So after our long trek home, I walk into our house and I look...and I knew from that moment...I am standing my ground...I would rather live without knobs than to put them near the top.  

Our knobs on the doors WILL go in the middle...Wezul for his part has agreed...the middle of the doors win.  :)   I would like to think I won because he realized my suggestion looks better, but on very rare occasions, Wezul will let me have my way when I can prove there are other "idiots" in the world who think like me....haha!!!

I can't wait to finish stocking the desk.  :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mackie the Macbook

Our time together has come to an end.  You have guided and protected me through cyberspace like no other laptop has ever done.  You always worked for me, you never caught a cold, or had a blue screen of death.  I had to fight for you, and you proved your worth.  You were there when I first started this blog.  You were there when we went to the Apple promised land in Cupertino.  You will always have a special place in my heart...I know you are going to a good home...though not the home I thought...I know you will convert another PC family to the MAC way of life...for that is your path in this bring people home.............

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Great Debate!

Facebook vs the Blog!  and the winner is...neither.

Over Thanksgiving, Wezul proudly proclaimed that the blog was dead in an effort to get Momma P on facebook!  She needs to be there...even if it is just to have access to the pictures...and the funniest facebook person of all-time...Mr. TLM

He, of course, was talking about "HIS" blog and not "OUR" blog.  We both have facebook accounts...and is easier at times to post things to facebook than it is to post to the blog.  For example, facebook makes posting numerous pictures at one time, or posting video easier.  However, the blog has served us well, and it gives us ample space to tell our isn't going anywhere...

Besides, I get to unleash my sarcastic interpretations of Wezul's life without interference on his part.  Especially since I don't think he looks at this site anymore...haha!!!  Just kidding!

The blog lives on.............................


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our truck mascot!

What a mascot! Today, we played UNC (yuck, puck, ugh)! We WON! We are 8-3 overall now. If we beat the Terps next weekend, we are in the ACC championship game! GO PACK!!! We need 2 more wins! Beat the Terps and whomever is in the big game!!!! Your work is not done...but I will slee much better knowing we gave UNC another Loss!!!

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Road Warrior

AJB isn't the only traveler of his kind...
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thank you my Pack angel!

Our seats...5th row from the field!!!

Lovin' Life...

Red and White for Life! Go Pack!!!
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All seasoned up...

Now we must wait!
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Makin' Bacon

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let the Tailgating commence......

Wezul and I have had a busy Tailgating week.  On Thursday, we were out in the rain, cheering the Pack onto victory against FSU.  All that luck has landed us back at #23 in the AP poll and #25 with the USA Today Poll.

Last night, we had our first hockey tailgate of the 2010-2011 Hockey season.  The game of choice was the Hurricanes against the Penguins.  The Penguins won 3-0.  :)  Much to everyone's dismay...well...almost everyone.  :)  It was a good mix of people.  The paternal M unit took pics.  We can't wait to see them.  Maybe at some point they may make it to the web...or not!  Haha!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I see red...

And white...GO PACK!
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1st official tailgate!

Wezul prepping the grill in the rain! Go Pack!!! Please beat FSU!!
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home sweet home!

What a whirlwind weekend, crazy crazy crazy...

At the last minute, I changed my mind about staying in TN.  I decided to take in the concert and then come home.  My better half and I have differences of opinion over why...bottom line for me...i didn't feel comfortable that I felt he felt uncomfortable that I would be spending my time in another state by myself while he was completely cut off from the world.  I know this is crazy, because I travel for work all the time, but for me, if I feel Wezul isn't 100% behind something I'm doing...I tend not to do it...It isn't his fault, but one has to do what one feels is right at the time.

Then, it didn't help Apple released their new Macbook Air that I desire so....

So, here goes my plan...go to the concert with concert buddy guy...or as long ago declared by WH...hahaha....spend the night in Winston-Salem...come home.

Detour #1...our drop off point is "ONLY an hour from Winston-Salem".  OK...OK...I'll still drop you guys off.  So Wezul, WH, and I head to Winston-Salem...for some partying...and "old geezer hotel camping out time".

Detour #2...after a great time at the concert...all three of us get up, eat breakfast, and put the coordinates into Garmin.

Detour #3...after triple checking the coordinates...the GPS takes us to the wrong location in the wrong direction.  Some how the coordinates "changed".

Detour #4...once we are heading back in the right direction...we discover that the drop off point is NOT an hour away...but more like 2.5 hours away....

Detour  #5...We finally arrive at the drop off point.  By this time, I realize there is no way I'm driving back to Clayton.  So, I revert back to my initial plan...stay in Johnson City, TN.  But only for 1 night...

Detour #6...After checking becomes evident...I will be in TN for more than 1 night...let's try 3 nights.

I stayed at the same hotel that Wezul and I stopped at when we had that bad snow storm on our way to Iowa last year.  They were just as helpful and amazingly nice as the first visit.  So if you are in the area, this is definitely the best place to stay...Courtyard Johnson City.

Gotta love when life has it's own plan.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Dirty Heads

No, it isn't because Wezul and I forgot to buy shampoo. They are a band from CA. I first got introduced to them in Denver when they opened for Sublime. After returning from CO, I immediately downloaded their album. It has immediately became one of my favs. Fate intervened over the past few weeks that enabled me to go to the concert last night to see Sublime and the Dirty Heads. Wezul didn't go to the show. I went with a good buddy. In fact, the same buddy who took me the first time to see Sublime and the Dirty Heads in CO. Love my hubby for letting me go!

My concert going buddy and Wezul are sleeping high on the mountain tonight! Let's hope the chance of rain begins to evaporate.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Despite our differences...

We can come together!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dowdy-Ficklen field

Neva looked so good...NCSU's marching band
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Almost there...

After our 2nd TD...ECU ahead 21-14
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What do u call this?

Our freaking team "choking"! We are NOT amused being down 21-0.
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One of the things we live for

NC State Football!!!

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Our ride to the game!

You know the peeps are old when Wezul is saying everyone is old. We are riding a tweety bus!! Hilarious!!!
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Baby Has Grown Up...what a sad day....

Friday, was a BIG day for us.  On our way to REI in Raleigh, Wezul noticed we were about to hit a big milestone with our Camry....

That's right, our 4.5 year old Camry, hit 100,000 miles...we bought her in April 2006...she was a brand spanking new 2007 model...

You are looking at the toll of me working in Raleigh and living in Clayton...the Camry has kept me safe from 1 deer attack, taken us back and forth to Iowa and various other locales, and has been very reliable...

Here's to the next 100K we hope to put on her...what?!?...think we are crazy?!?...we got her paid off....we are keeping her until the wheels fall off..............

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We're home!

Even though we just returned home, Wezul's mind is already on one of his next adventures!

In case it isn't obvious, he is trying on his much needed hiking socks. Hiking 40+ miles - you will need more than plain old white gym socks.
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's for dinner 2nite!

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It's a Tradition

Everytime we are in this town...
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Stop before lunch

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Under the ...

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Who wants some seafood?!?

We got up to catch the sunrise. Not only are we watching the sun come up, but Wezul is watching his dinner being caught.
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Let the weekend begin!!!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On Watch

Everything is find and dandy @ Jordan Lake near Buoy 12!  My buddy the bald eagle has a careful eye on the Haw River Arm flowing into the lake.  However, the female boat driver had taco pizza on the brain and refused to turnaround to get a picture of Captain Bald Eagle...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We have had tons of rain! However, none of it in the right place. Oh well, we were able to get one sample! I am doing an alkalinity right now! To be more precise, I'm doing an ANC. Can you figure out the difference?!?

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

While the cat's away...the mouse will play

Wezul had to go to Greenville, SC for work this past week...hi ho hi to Lady Antebellum I go...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I hate working...confirmed my true calling

I, Environwx, officially hate working for a living.  I have found my true calling, a stay at home wife.  That isn't to say, I will get to sit on the couch and eat Godiva Truffles all day...that doesn't sound too shabby....

I could truly find time to clean the house the way it should truly be cleaned, I can cook wonderful dinner for Wezul, and just be happy as a tick on a dog instead of seeing if I need to pick ticks off of myself because I work in the field.............................

This always happens when I take two weeks off from work...I realize I want to be home...alas...reality is I have to work...but at least I have a job that I don't dread most days!!!

Other than finally returning to work on Monday, Wezul and I haven't been doing much that is blog worthy but watching lots and lots of football.  Between college and pro games and regular tv shows we watch, we are always watching something.

This is it for now...................

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our final stop of our journey


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On our way

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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Wezul and I decided to break from the normal routine and go to Independence Hall and to see the Liberty Bell.  It was not Wezul's first choice, but then again, he had a hankering for an original philly cheesesteak.  If we were going to drive that far, we might as well see a site or two.  There is definitely plenty to do in Philadelphia on a second trip.  There was plenty I didn't get a chance to see.

For Wezul's first love, it took us to the Reading Terminal Market on a quest to find his philly cheesesteak.  We were able to find the vendor he was looking for - DiNic's.  It was pure heaven for him.  He had the roasted pork; therefore, it wasn't the traditional philly cheesesteak, but it was all he wanted.  He left there with a happy stomach.  Good thing he got his sandwich when he did, because, while he was eating the last few bites...they turned away 20+ people because they had ran out of all the food.  Apparently, they are very popular.  ;)

Before we leave, we had to find me food.  On our way to DiNic's, we saw La Scala's.  We went back there after we left the Market.  I got a small cheese pizza and Wezul got the Tuscan White Bean Minestrone Soup.  Yes, he was still able to eat after his sandwich.  I have to say, all the food we have had has been very tasty!

Even the standard bar food we had tonight for dinner...RFD Washington was tasty.  Wezul could not pass up trying a few of their beers off their small beer list.  That is why we chose to eat there tonight instead of somewhere else.

Tomorrow is our last day, and we will be heading home.  We are hoping to squeeze in a couple more fun stops before we return to reality.

No matter what, our belated anniversary trip was a hoot...

Too many choices

Wezul is insane in the brain - 500 + beers to choose from - mental overload! Gonna be a tough morning!!!
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Light @ the end of the tunnel

HaHa! Baltimore Harbor Tunnel
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Ding Dong...Let Freedom Ring!

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We are not at the Aquarium...

Where can we be?!?

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We are about 5 minutes from our next excursion!

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Another busy and fun filled day...yesterday!

Our first stop was the National Zoo!  We saw lions, tigers, and bears - oh my!  Not to mention the pandas and elephants...two of my personal favorites.  Boy did we do a lot of walking.  Luckily, we took the metro to the a stop that was "relatively" close to the zoo's entrance.

So far for me, the biggest downside has been the metro.  Some of the escalators are really steep and you cover a lot of height.  UGH!  Environwx not such a happy person on them.  Most days I don't mind escalators, there isn't a "I'm going to die feeling by falling"...these on the other hand...all I can say...I hope I don't have to ride it again.

After having an amazing lunch at Ella's Wood Fired Pizza we went back to the hotel to download the pictures from the zoo.  Once again, we rode the metro to our next stop which was the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.  Luckily for me, these escalators were not on steriods.  :)  We did a lot of walking around here too; however, we sat through two presentations.  One was in the Einstein Planetarium - "Black Holes", and the second one was in the IMAX called Hubble 3D.  That was pretty awesome.

Following the cool Hubble show, it was time for dinner at Nando's Peri-Peri.  It was a very tasty find on our walk back to the hotel.

As for today, we are going to do what we had planned to do yesterday, but couldn't.  All the information you will need is located in the "Our piggies are tired!" post.  Can you figure it out?!?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Can u tell where Jason is yet?

He is still in the same spot as the previous post!
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Where's Wezul?!?

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Getting around

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