Tuesday, December 6, 2011


For awhile now, Wezul has wanted a much taller tree.  I wanted a much fuller tree.  Wezul wanted a tree that was at least 12' and he wanted to place it by our stairs.  I wanted a much small, thicker tree, and leave it where we always have it.  Unfortunately, we could not find a tree that met both requirements.  After looking for over a year, we found this little tree.  It stand in at 9'.  It is much thicker than any previous tree we have owned.  

Despite coming in 3 ft shorter than Wezul wanted, he had to used the 6 ft ladder to place the star on the top of the tree.  We are both very happy with the final product.  This year, we were able to forgo using any "filler" ornaments.  This year, the tree is covered by ornaments that Wezul has purchased each year we have been together, and ornaments that were given to us both loved ones...whether they be family or friends.  Decorated the way a Christmas tree should be decorated...with meaning.