Saturday, October 18, 2008


Let the tailgating fun begin!!

Wezul and I tailgated the NC State/FSU game at Carter-Finley Stadium this past Thursday. We arrived at the TX Lot around 2:45 pm. As you can see, Wezul is working on a grilling is a work in progress. As you can see, the field looks pretty empty right now. However, this is pre-everybody getting off work. About thirty minutes after this picture was taken. The lot filled up and it quickly became a mad house. Besides seeing a sea of red, everywhere you look, all you could see was people playing cornhole. Our tailgating neighbors broke their cornhole game out and Wezul joined in their cornholey goodness.

At this moment, I should point out that the King of Cornholes and his teammate won all the games. You may wonder what am I doing when I should be at work...
It is a hard life, but someone has to live it!! I am the kind of person who is willing to make a sacrifice like this. What can I's a hard job, but someone has to make sure the chair doesn't feel neglected and walk away. :)

Don't worry, AJB was able to catch some rays and eat some Garlic Wood too!!
After all the tailgating goodness, Wezul and I made our way to the game. We had a much shorter walk than the BC game. The boys scored the first 10 points, and held close until the last quarter. In the end, they lost.

In addition to all the action on the field, the NC State Fair kicked off on Thursday too. If you look close in the picture of Wezul at the cornhole board, you can see a Ferris Wheel in the distance. During halftime, the 9pm NC State Fair fireworks went off. Not only did we get to see my boys play, but we got one of the best fireworks shows we have seen in awhile, and we were in the perfect seats to see them.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

O. Henry this day...still amazes me some days. As some may know, my birthday was this week.

This year, my dear dear husband has made it a birthday to remember.

Wezul took a page out of Chica's handbook, he stretched my birthday out a week. For the most part, it was simple. He let me pick out our dinners throughout the week, he forced me not to clean (though the house sooooo needs the attention - you can hear the pleas for the Scrubbing Bubbles), my gifts were thoughtful and "on time", his card fit me to a tee, and he arranged the majority of the activities by himself.

I had a wonderful birthday. Wezul arranged for my parents to come up the night of my birthday so I was able to celebrate with them. He also arranged dinner with Chica, Chico y Bambino Wise last night. We went to a favorite restaurant of ours so I was able to get my favorite dessert, Chocolate Chambord Truffle Torte.

By the end of last night, I could quite honestly say, this was the best birthday I have had since I have known Wezul. I could not complain. However, little did I know what else was in store. I knew we were going to do something, but I wasn't sure what it was. At 12pm today, I found out.

My dear husband said I had one hour to shower and pack an overnight bag. He wouldn't tell me where we were going. All I could do was follow him, and try to guess. I did try...but I didn't even come close.

By the time I realized where we were going, we were there. Wezul made reservations at the O. Henry in Greensboro. As you can see, there were quite a few treats awaiting us upon our arrival. My favorite, was the Hippo. AJB has a new friend. You can click on the link above to get a better sense of the hotel.

This is our first stay here. We have known of the hotel for some time. It is owned by the same people who operated a restaurant in Raleigh that we liked back in the day.
What did we do with our day in Greensboro...not much. We walked to the shopping center by the hotel, had dinner, ate the yummy chocolate truffles and cheese platter, watched the Carolina Hurricanes play the Tampa Bay Lightning (and win in overtime), and we Mac'ed while the game was on as you can see...I know...we are a little insane and addicted to anything with an apple on it. But they make it sooooo easy. I'll spare you the "We love Mac" speech for now.

To my sweet hubby, thank you for making this a special birthday celebration. I'll try to remember the kindness and generosity you showed me on your 40th birthday in not the only turn 40 once...and I am going to have a load of fun at your expense as will everyone else you know and love. Heehee!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


It finally arrived! Our first home game at Carter-Finely Stadium.

You have to love Google, I was able to trace our path from our parking spot to the stadium and calculate the distance of 1.33 miles, and if that isn't good enough it the same distance as 19.5 football fields or 1.15 nautical miles.  Yes, that is one way!

OK...I'll stop with all the geeky conversions. :)

We played an ACC conference game against Boston College. We lost 38-31. Though my boys lost, I came away proud of them. Our team isn't the strongest football team because they are too busy studying!!! ;) They kept themselves in the game and didn't let BC blow them out. The last team BC played, they beat them 42-0. The team before that lost 34-7.

Wezul and I can't wait to tailgate our backsides off for the FSU game on October 16th. Check out more pictures of the game on Flickr!!

GO PACK!!!!!