Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow - Part Deux

Woo hoo!! And the snow continued...We had more snow. For inquiring minds, Jason and I stayed home. There are alot of crazies down here who do not know how to drive, and a 25 -30 mile commute one way didn't seem like the brightest idea at the time. As you probably figured out from the run on milk and bread I previously mentioned that happens anytime the word snow is mentioned it seemed best to chill and enjoy the day at home.
Yes, I did help Jason shovel the drive way.

What a wonderful SNOW day!!!

Isn't he just handsome?  Things are going well here!  Look...could it be true?!?

Yes, it is.  It has been snowing since the wee hours of the morning.  I was off yesterday.  I spent most of the day watching dvr stuff.  After working out, I made my way to the grocery store to buy some ingredients for a cheesecake.  OMG!  It was a freaking mad house.  

For those, who live up north or anywhere it snows will not understand this craziness.  Apparently, I didn't hear, but the local forecasters had said the most glorious four letter word...SNOW...therefore, there was a run on milk and bread.  It is a crazy sight to see.   

The video below is of Jason actually shoveling the snow.  I am sure certain Iowa peeps will enjoy this more than others.  
This is Jason's proud stance for conquering the snow on the sidewalk.  Yes, that is ALL he shoveled.  
I did try making a snowman, but the snow is too powderie right now.  

It is 10:05 am, and the snow is still falling.  WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!  I am sure there will be more updates later in the day.  :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Iowa Beef

I know it will be difficult, but can you guess which one is Wezul's steak and which one I will be eating?

We brought these lovely pieces of meat home from Iowa if you can't tell by the title. These tasty little treats were just that...TASTY!!! Hmmm...beef. It probably wasn't the wisest meal for me to eat right before having my cholesterol checked in a couple of days. Oh well...I am on medicine. Heehee!!

This meal definitely tasted and smelled much better than the last thing I made for Wezul. The other night, I made Jason cioppino. I thought it smelled bad the night I made it...OMG...the next two days he ate the leftovers...it was hideous. For those who don't know, cioppino is a fish stew...Hmmm...why did I torture myself like that?!? I guess that is what they call "love".

Note to self...next time we make it...make sure to make it is right before I go out of town for work for a week...or two.

Other than that, not much is going on here. We are currently watching the NFL wildcard games and Hurricane Hockey. The second period has started for the Canes..........

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Enjoy the new year!!!